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We supply exceptional products and work with inspirational Architects, Builders and Designers who use them to realize their overall aesthetic. Fireplaces provide a gathering place and appeal to people because of their warmth and visual allure. They encourage conversation, relaxation, and it brings us back to our roots as people.

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Pre-Installation Surveys

If you want one of our team to carry out a site study, we charge £100, which would then be offset against the final cost of your fire, fuel and fitting or against the full cost of a renewable energy solution, whether that’s an Air Source Heat Pump, Klover whole house system or a biomass boiler.

Installation Costs

The price of your installation will be determined by any need for safe access, any necessary building work, and the individual parts required for commissioning to meet safe and legal requirements. It is difficult to ascertain how much your installation will cost without a pre-installation visit or the submission of architectural drawings. All our fires and renewables are installed by our own professional Hetas or Gas Safe installation teams. Our engineers are specially trained for this, and we ensure a safe and fully compliant fitting.

Maintenance for Gas-Burning Fires

Avni Renewables recommends having your gas fire checked at least once every year. This for safe use of your fireplace and to prevent malfunctions. Parts in the fire also wear out and must be replaced from time to time.

Maintenance for Wood-Burning Fires

Wood-burning fires also require regular maintenance. Before each heating season, check that the door seals are not worn and that any fire bricks are intact. Also check the glass for cracks or damage.

Chimney Sweep Services

Any wood-burning fire will deposit soot particles on the inside of the chimney. Over time, a layer of creosote forms in the chimney. Always burn kiln dried or well-seasoned quality wood and have your chimney swept at least once a year (before the season) by a recognized chimney sweep who is affiliated with the National Association of Chimney Sweeps.

Annual Renewable Energy Servicing

Air Source Heat Pumps, Pellet boilers and biomass boilers all have moving parts that require an annual check-up and cleaning. These installations should be serviced once a year, before the heating season to ensure they are ready for the cold spell. Any replacement parts can be ordered and fitted before the system is in full use.

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