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Kalfire E-one

You can now enjoy a sustainable and environmentally friendly fire. The Kalfire E-one is fully electric, does not use any fossil fuels and emits zero emissions.

In addition, the Kalfire E-one has a low energy consumption. This sustainable trend continues right through to the smallest details such as the sustainable packaging and efficient design and assembly process. With the Kalfire E-one you are not simply choosing an efficient fireplace, but above all, a sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly fire.


Build-in Model

The Kalfire E-one 100F is the build-in model from the Kalfire E-one series. Thanks to the clean lines and compact dimensions, this model is ideally suited for installation into bespoke furniture such as a cabinet wall in a living room, restaurant or hotel.

The generous glass surface of 100cm x 37cm ensures an optimal view of the fire and the realistic ceramic wood-effect logs. With the adjustable atmospherically lit interior of the Kalfire E-one, the fireplace becomes an eye-catching focal point in every interior, even when the fireplace is switched off. The build-in model has the additional option of being equipped with the Atmos Heating element.

Freestanding Model

The freestanding model, the Kalfire E-one 100F FR has an all-round clean and sleek steel casing on the outside and therefore fits effortlessly into any type of interior, from modern to classical, and from rural to urban.

The Kalfire E-one 100F FR is easy to install and move, which makes it possible to continue to enjoy the fireplace even after re-decorating, renovating or even moving to a new place. Just as the build-in model, there are two choices for the interior of the Kalfire E-one 100F FR , the flat or design bottom, and the option of Single or Dual HD Flame Technology.

Ergofocus Holographik®

Ergofocus Holographik®, beyond convention, the irreverence of a dream. Bringing together a touch of madness and an abundance of intelligence, the Ergofocus Holographik’® talent is virtual flames. It is the result of an encounter between an icon designed by Dominique Imbert 50 years ago and state-of-the-art optical technology. The principle is based on projecting an image of animated flames onto optical glass in a hearth furnished with ceramic logs and a realistic simulation of embers with an embedded lighting system. The optical illusion is enhanced with the cosy sound of a crackling fire.

The Ergofocus Holographik® is the first pivoting suspended fireplace with a holographic system powered through the duct. The innovative technology used for the holographic system, particularly the glass, has been patented by Focus and is recognised as the most realistic system currently available on the market. This digital experience is a gracious invitation to rest your eyes and your mind in a refuge of serenity and calm.

The incredibly realistic holographic fire keeps its promise, at last delivering a totally clean, non-polluting fireplace with no thermal or environmental constraints. The virtual Ergofocus Holographik® is stylish, reliable and practical, a new-generation fireplace set to conquer the future.


What Next?

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