Focus Gas Fires

Focus Gas Fires

Focus Fires have helped form some exceptional installations of contemporary fireplaces in architecture and design around the world. In the homes designed by internationally renowned architects, the elegant, minimalist Forcus fireplaces created by Dominique Imbert are a distinctive feature.

All Focus Fires are custom made in France by their experienced production team.

The expertise of the Focus Fires metalworkers allows the meticulous creation of the custom-made elements of its stoves and fireplaces that make each model unique. Each step of production is rigorously checked, as a guarantee of quality for our customers.

Our Focus open and closed gas fireplaces (all CE-certified) display their nominal heat input. The Focus closed gas fires are particularly efficient for heating and have no constraints involving loading wood, removing ash, spark protection, and so on. Equipped with a remote control, they are easily adjustable and easy to use. In case of a power outage, our gas fires continue to operate and provide heat independently of an electric power source, in contrast to other types of heating systems such as boilers or pellet stoves.

What Next?

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