Pellet Fires

Duroflame pellet stoves are made in Holland. By keeping the complete production in their own hands, they can guarantee their quality at every stage of manufacture. The pellet stoves are clean and durable and so is the production process.

Modern Dutch Craftsmanship

To bring the warm and comfortable feeling of the old days to the present, this is what Duroflame try to achieve with their pellet stoves. This is why Duroflame works with today’s craftsmen, curious and ambitious individuals who continuously strive to improve their beautiful products.

Duroflame is the only pellet stove factory in the West of Europe, something that they are very proud of. Within the clean modern factory, manufacturing is a pleasure whilst developing and supplying stylish, efficient pellet stoves in the primary task of the team.

Duroflame Abel

Do you always want to have the latest fashion? And are you looking for a robust eyecatcher in your living room? Then the Duroflame Abel is the ideal eyecatcher in your home. The Duroflame Abel is named after Abel Tasman, an ambitious explorer. This taut elegant pellet stove is of a robust quality and uses the latest technology. Can you already see it standing in your living room?

Duroflame Batavia

Do you still remember the typical fireplace of the old days? A real fire that made you feel snug and warm. A place to come together, or to have a moment for yourself, after a busy day. The Duroflame brings this homely atmosphere back to the present. The typical nostalgic design is characteristic of this pellet stove. The big difference to a traditional stove is that the Duroflame Batavia is much more durable and clean burning.

Duroflame Carré

The Duroflame Carré is the ideal mix between the recognisable wood-burning stove and the streamlined pellet stove. Its distinctive exterior makes the Duroflame Carré suitable for any room; it looks beautiful in a traditional fireplace, but also in a more modern home. The whisper-quiet pellet feed, and silent natural convection, will gently spread warmth throughout your home.

Duroflame Pelle

Do you like a modern, unfussy interior? And are you looking for a pellet stove that is compact, designed with clean lines whilst still retaining a good output? The Duroflame Pelle may well fit the bill. Not only is it modest in size, it is also very competitively priced. Similar to a contemporary woodburning stove yet it burns much cleaner and is fully programmable.

Duroflame Rembrand

Small, quiet and still very comfortable: with its subtle presence, the Duroflame Rembrand manages to heat almost every space effortlessly. With a height of 60cm, this charming and durable heat source is one of the smallest pellet stove available. This is the perfect stove to fit into an existing fireplace and having the choice of two models with differing power outputs increases its flexibility still further.

Duroflame Rinus

The Rinus is the cylindrical model in the Duroflame collection. With its simple, curved elegance and high output, the Rinus will fit effortlessly in almost any surroundings and compliment any interior.

What Next?

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