Biomass Boilers

Domestic Biomass Boilers

Avni Renewables has been installing biomass boilers for over seven years: using several well established manufacturers. Over the years, key user requirements have come to light and all of these manufacturers successfully address each issue, meaning you are guaranteed to find a system to suit your home.

Biomass boilers come with a range of benefits, including:

  • Reliability
  • Longevity
  • Good technical backup
  • Next day spares
  • Long service intervals
  • Fully automated unit
  • Fully automated remote control
  • Long warranties
  • Good value for money

ETA Range

Boilers displayed are up to 45kW being the domestic RHI output limit on a single appliance, but multiples of boilers can be formed in a cascade, for larger demands.

Avni Renewables has been installing ETA boilers since 2012; proving to be our best selling boiler, offering reliability, longevity, compact stylish design, and large selection of boilers from 7-45 kW with remote monitoring.

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Ponast Range

All Ponast boilers are certified in the highest – 5.Class of EN 303-5 in terms of efficiency and emissions performance.

Automatic boilers are divided into groups: Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 based on the grade of automation and comfort control.

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Klover Range

Klover has always given the greatest importance and respect to nature, investing in renewable energy sources that safeguard the environment. Wood has always been used for heating, whereas pellets are a ‘younger’ type of fuel, but with very interesting properties. They are produced using the remains of wood and without glue or paint and are therefore totally ecological.

Brochure Downloads (PDF)

What Next?

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