Ground Source Heat Pumps

For Domestic & Commercial Applications

Avni Renewables is an experienced installer of Ground source systems, utilising heat from the ground as well as from water sources:

  • Ground Loops
  • Boreholes
  • Water Source (both standing and flowing water)


Ecoforest is a market leader, and is present in 14 countries. Its R & D department continues to innovate every day, developing more advanced and more efficient products. The Ecoforest geothermal heat pump is up to five times more efficient than traditional fossil fuel or electrically powered heating and DHW systems. Yields are higher than 400%, so only 1 kW of electricity is needed to provide a home with between 4 and 5 kW of heat.

Inverter technology developed specifically for Ecoforest compressors provides unbeatable performance. Ecoforest is the first European manufacturer that has incorporated this advanced technology for the manufacture of geothermal heat pumps. The incorporation of this technology provides advantages that are unattainable with traditional heat pumps.

  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Greater durability and reliability
  • More comfort
  • More compact and economical installations, since buffer tanks are not necessary

All Domestic EcoForest Ground Source Heat Pumps come with the additional option of “Passive or Active Cooling”.

Steibel Eltron
Steibel Eltron

Stiebel Eltron

Steibel Eltron provide innovative heat pump technology to heat, conserve energy and reduce bills. For over nine decades, across 120 countries, they have offered our customers products and services of exceptional quality with a focus on protecting the environment.

With an unbeatable breadth of green technologies they design systems specifically to suit your project. They ensure allthe components are appropriate to your individual requirements – whether you want to save on bills in a flat or are a developer of huge commercial buildings thus maximising performance and return on investment.


As perhaps the single most important renewable solution, heat pumps are an established, proven technology, supported by Government incentives, economically viable and flexible in their application for domestic and commercial heating.

Controlled HGL technology for maximum hot water convenience and a long lifecycle.

  • High COP of 4.8 guarantees low energy consumption
  • Sound Reduction System SRS for silent operation
  • NAVIGATOR control system to optimse energy consumption

What Next?

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