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What‘s made 100% in Germany is more than just a modern product. Germany is widely known for product quality, mostly because of the modern machines and technologies we use. But it is our employees who are the true key to our success. Their attitude towards the work and tasks, as well as the pride about their own products and the company is unique.

All this can be found in a family business, where the values of quality and innovation are more important than cost-optimization and simplified production. This attitude is common for all BRUNNER employees – from a young engineer, to a longtime worker in manufacturing.

The success of our products is based on a very good workplace atmosphere and the knowledge that our customers appreciate quality and can feel the difference, the added value we bring into our work. BRUNNER fireplaces are one of the best products available that your stove provider can offer you. They give you joy for long years with the “perfect fire”.

In general, this is not a necessary contradiction. BRUNNER fireplaces are manufactured with modern machines and technologies to achieve highest possible precision. All processes are under continuous control of our qualified and quality-control employees.

But the most important difference is the goal of our technical designs. Price-optimized products must fulfill only the most necessary requirements, defined already when setting basic project outlines, during development and choice of components. As a result, certain boundaries are crossed, which are set by sales managers, not engineers. Products become “affordable“.

At BRUNNER, we are committed to function optimized design. With this approach, we aim to apply all our knowledge and experience of clever engineers and technicians. This way we manage to find the best solutions in terms of functionality and lifetime of our fireplaces.

What Next?

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