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Wood Fires

A wood fire has incomparable power to captivate. Not only does a blazing fire provide warmth, it also creates a cosy, intimate atmosphere. Kalfire is continuously seeking to develop this convivial aspect of its fireplaces while optimizing their performance. Research and development has given rise to the new generation of Kalfire W closed fires. Compared to a traditional fireplace, the only thing we haven’t changed is the wood.

By implementing state-of-the-art technology, Kalfire have dramatically improved the efficiency of wood fires in recent years, especially compared to that of a traditional open fireplace. Although the latter offers the pleasure of a completely open fire, the price to pay in energy is very high as the majority of the heat literally goes up the chimney. Closed fires avoid this huge loss of heat.

In a closed hearth, the fire is sealed in behind a glass panel. This is not only safer, it also has the advantage of conserving the heat and releasing it in a controlled way to the surroundings. In addition, the Kalfire innovative technology used in thier wood fires, ensures optimal and clean combustion. This means you get more heat with a lot less wood!

What Next?

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